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The first weeks...

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My name is Manuel and I have been at Anyfin almost 4 months now. I joined as a frontend and mobile developer so I am mostly working on the mobile application. I have been working as a frontend developer for about 6 - 7 years. I am from the Dominican Republic but lived in Spain a couple of years before moving to Stockholm. 

Why did you choose to join Anyfin? 

The first thing that caught my eye with Anyfin was that it’s not the usual finance company, trying to get money from you, it’s actually the opposite. We are trying to help our customers and right from the start I felt a connection because I feel like I have been tricked by some financial companies in the past. The thing that caught my eye the most was the core mission of Anyfin; to help users however possible and to me it is very important that I can positively impact others with the work that I do. 

You have been with us almost 4 months, but if you think back to your first weeks with us, how would you describe them? 

Well, I started in a very special situation due to Corona. I started working remotely so I didn’t have the chance to meet anyone in person. I was a bit scared and unsure of how it was going to go, but in the first week all the engineers booked meetings with me just so that I would get to know them and talk to them. I got to meet almost everyone and got to know what they do in the company and about what they like to do outside of work. 

Since I got to meet people even though I wasn’t there in person I in a way still felt like I was there physically. I felt that the culture was super cool and everyone was very nice and really interesting. 

How fast did you get started on things? 

On my second day I got a small task that I was going to work on for the next week. It was nice since usually when you start a new job you’re in training forever, and you don’t get to actually do anything until you’re a month in sometimes. Here I felt like I was contributing to the company already on my second day. On my third or fourth day I completed the task and we updated the app. It was a great feeling.

What are you hoping to take on and learn in the future at Anyfin? 

I hope that I can help Anyfin drive the mission forward, help out reaching more customers and learn more about how to make the app more usable for our users. Also to create new features that will help people in different ways. Personally I am also looking to grow professionally, learn from my colleagues and hopefully also have shared some of the knowledge that I have.

You have just gone through our recruitment process so you have it fresh in memory, what would be your best advice to people wanting to apply to us? 

My advice would be not to stress out too much. I know recruitment processes can be very stressful but my experience with Anyfin was not like that at all. The whole time I knew what stage in the process I was at, and what my status was. When I had interviews and technical interviews I was of course nervous but I never felt the pressure that an interviewer at times can make you feel. My advice is to be yourself, believe in your talent and show that as much as you can.

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