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What a Journey!


My name is Johan. I was born in Stockholm but I have actually lived in Skåne since I was 6. It’s always difficult to describe yourself but I would describe myself as a very social person. I have been very shaped by having a twin brother, always having someone around. 

I joined Anyfin as a Data Scientist in 2018 straight after university. I was supposed to start working at one of the bigger consultancy firms but I always thought it would be fun to see how it is working at a smaller company. It was actually my brother that saw a commercial from Anyfin on the subway and thought it seemed like a cool company. I applied and that is how my journey started. 

You are one of the people who have been the longest at Anyfin, you came in as an intern with us and later got hired, can you tell us more about your journey? 

It has been a super fun journey. I remember having my first day the day before the National Day in Sweden, which I thought was great since I then had one day of vacation to read up on what I was supposed to do the coming months. I started out with a project where I was working with reading texts from images, a big one that took almost my whole first year. During my first year we also grew a lot which was exciting. I remember the first time everyone was sitting in one room and I think there were 9 or 10 people with the founders, now we are getting closer to 60, it is the third office, and we are in multiple countries with multiple products.  

What has been the most exciting project you have been part of? 

There hasn’t been one project on its own that has been the most interesting to me, it is a combination. What has been really great, and what I also see a lot of value in doing, is how much we have been able to automate. Automating the full process; from someone applying, to them getting an offer sent out and then accepting it to where we can pay off their loans where they had them before has been really cool. We have been a lot of people working together on it. 

When I started we were more or less reading from images and it sometimes felt like we would never be able to automate it. But then you start with a small piece of the cake and after a while you realize it works and it ends up getting bigger and bigger. Today we automate a big volume of the cases and that makes me proud. 

How have you seen Anyfin change during your time here? 

One of the most visible changes is how many people we have become. It is very hard to build something big and change an industry with only 8 or 10 people, growth is key. What also has happened as we have grown is that we are very diverse today. We have a lot of people with different nationalities and backgrounds and that is super cool. It especially brings value now that we work with other countries. It’s easy to think that how we do things in Sweden is how you do it everywhere, but that is of course not the case. 

What has been your biggest learning during this time? 

I’m always being pushed to solve something I don’t really know how to solve. There are times when no one in the company really knows how to do something but it has to happen and it should be solved. It is really hard in the beginning but after a while you create the feeling that nothing is impossible. You just have to divide things into small pieces and you will eventually get there. I think that has been the greatest learning; that you can make it, and that it will happen if you want it to, just break it down and iterate forward. 

Why do you work at Anyfin? 

To me it is a combination, I really like being challenged and I still am every day. I also like the environment of trying to become something big. With the investments we got this year we will be able to do so many things. We don't want to stay in Sweden or in the Nordics, we are actually trying to build something global and I want to stay and be part of that journey. 

Finally, what are you looking forward to next at Anyfin? 

What I am looking forward to the most is seeing new products, to grow the product portfolio and to see what more is coming. I also want to see the team grow, because the more we grow the more we can do, and that will be a great adventure!

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