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Getting Into the Wonders of Tech


Hey Ellen, who are you? 

I’m Ellen, and I’m originally from Taiwan. I joined Anyfin in January 2020 as a junior full stack developer, and actually moved to Stockholm for this role. My background is quite different; I studied Business Management at university and last year I decided to quit my job, went to a coding bootcamp to dig deeper into the wonders of tech, and now I’m here! 

Why development? 
I’ve always been into building things and seeing things happen and now, being in tech development, I really get a sense of achievement every day. 

How come you chose Anyfin? 
When I was looking for a company to join I was looking for a place where they give opportunities for young developers to learn and grow with the company. Anyfin has really provided that environment for me. The first week in the company I already pushed to production and it has continued like that, it’s not the everyday challenge I would have had at other companies. People here are really willing to help and since we are coming from different backgrounds you can really learn a lot, not only from a technical aspect but also from the others’ own development experiences, and to me that’s such a bonus. 

If you got to describe our culture, how would you describe it? 
The first thing that comes to my mind is diversity, we are definitely super international. Probably half of my colleagues are not Swedes and you never feel like an outsider since people are from everywhere. Secondly, we are a really lean and low hierarchy organization. You get the opportunity to work with cross-functional teams, to be participating in everything from product development to marketing. Even though I’m working in engineering I get to be part of different projects from start to the end, and that’s a really unique opportunity working here. 

Lastly, what are your thoughts on our new investment? 
I think it’s super exciting, we have a lot on our plate that we want to do, and there are now huge opportunities for us to grow into different markets as well. I am looking forward to seeing where we will be in 6 months from now!

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